Mateusz Siudmak

Freedom of speech is a value which plays a significant role nowadays. This principle dictates how the future of humanity will look like. I believe that storytellers have a vast impact on society. They highlight problems which occur across the globe. They give voice to those who need it, defend those who are not able to fight for themselves. In my opinion, a film is the most influential medium since it is very accessible and easy to comprehend. Even an amateur picture can change hundreds and thousands of minds. As a filmmaker, I would like to talk about things that matter the most and fight for those who need it.

Filmmaking and storytelling have been my primary interests since I remember. As I learn quickly I recall making my first movie as a seven year old. A few years later it came to my knowledge that my distant relative Robert Siodmak was a German Jewish film director who emigrated to California in 1939. That knowledge inspired me to choose the path of a filmmaker myself. I created my first substantial film in 2015. It was a school project to create a film about a neighborhood. Despite young age I was able to find sponsors for my project. Since „Dzielnica z klimatem…” (A district of climate…) was a great success, local TV and radio invited me for interviews. Influential websites described it as an impressive achievement not only for a person of my age but in general.

After the great success of „Dzielnica z klimatem…” I decided to make an impact on my local community. This time I made a film about Grochów, the district I grew up in. My goal was to change the citizens’ attitude towards this sometimes overlooked district. My idea was to interview people of different backgrounds living there to create a general image of Grochów. This motion picture was another great success but the most important part of the project was the inspiration I got from people I spoke to.

Currently focused on my Sociology studies.